EVEN GAVISH is one of the leading stone and marble supply company in its field in Israel.

The high standards in which we operate, while implementing a work process of uncompromising quality, is the fruit of a long history in which our family has taken root in the industry and set the bar for the level of work in the field.

Three generations of experience in the field

A third generation of a family that has devoted its entire life to cutting and processing stone, the work in marble, rocks and minerals is in my bones. We were among the pioneers in the field and already in the early 50s a "Halamish" factory for stone processing was established. Ever since I was a child, I visited every opportunity in the factory and learned throughout my adolescence the meticulous and uncompromising work process for cutting and processing marble of the highest quality. At the age of 23, I was officially trained professionally and as the plant's director of foreign installations, I set myself the goal of pushing the field of stone processing to new heights in Israel.

Thus in 1992 we had the honour to cooperate with a company from Taiwan and established our branch in China. In doing so, we became the first Israeli company to gain a foothold in the Chinese marble market. Imports from the industrial giant in the East, in addition to importing stone from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, India and Egypt, allow us to this day to offer our customers competitive and extremely affordable prices.

In 1996, we decided to focus on supply natural stone לפרויקטים על מנת לספק את השירות המקצועי ביותר, תוך עבודה צמודה ושיתוף פעולה עם הלקוח, הקמנו את חברת אבן גביש בע"מ.

Strict work processes

To ensure the quality of the work, we implement our follow-up already at the initial mining and processing stage. If in the past invasive and expensive methods were needed to check the quality of the stone blocks, then today there are advanced quarrying methods and technological solutions that allow us to ensure that you get a mineral with a continuous geological line without cuts or ratings and the highest quality.

After the blocks arrive at the factory, we apply all the professional knowledge and experience we have accumulated over 100 years of practice in the field and prepare it for deployment / cutting with the most advanced cutting machines on the market.

And Finally, we prepare the stone slices for final processing while in individual control and later accompany the installation processes so that the final result will be preserved for many years.

Stone surfaces for any purpose

Our first rule is professionalism

We have been supplying natural stone to projects for the leading construction companies in Israel for over 25 consecutive years. Our clients include Solel Boneh, Ashtrom, Tidhar and many others.

EVEN GAVISH Puts professionalism and the level of service at the forefront of her mind and sees every delivery task as a project that must be taken very seriously. We learn the needs of the project, its purpose, construction methods, work material that will be used and the location of the desired surface and adapt according to professional standards the raw material and the most appropriate cutting and processing techniques for it. All this while committing to a pre-determined and competitive price.

Leading professional consultation

From our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of most quarries in the Galilee and the West Bank, as well as in Turkey, China and Egypt, we offer professional opinions to stakeholders in the field and conduct quality reviews and feasible tests for quarries and stone suppliers all over the world. Among other things, for many years we served as the official stone advisers of the Tidhar Group.

We invite you to learn more about the production processes and the variety of services available to you with us by reading more on the website. In order to enjoy the high quality of service, the close relationship and the precise customization of the best products for your project, we invite you to leave your details on the website today and our representative will contact you and help you assign the highest level stonework to each task.

STONE In Geology is the solid material that makes up the Earth's crust, which is composed of a combination of natural minerals. Rocks may consist of crystals of only one mineral — "Monomineral" rock, such as limestone composed exclusively of calcite, or a mixture of crystals of several minerals — polymeric rock, such as granite composed of quartz, field splitter, and mica.